• Training of Trainers TOT

10-21 February 2019

Amman – The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Target group: a group representing employees in the Ministry of Agriculture in the Republic of Iraq.

Number of participants: 12 participants.

To complete the preparation and training of a team and a group of certified trainers for the Ministry of Agriculture in the Republic of Iraq, where this program began in 2017, and accordingly, the Center contacted the Japanese Agency and agreed to finance two sessions for the year 2019, noting that the center participates with 30% of the workshop costs on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture in the Republic Iraq.

Course objectives: To train participants and raise their efficiency in the following areas:

  • Training concept (training objectives and outputs).
  • Training life cycle (training needs, training design and implementation).
  • Training aids and tools (audio, visual and print).
  • Training methods (forms and types of training).
  • Planning and organizing training (administrative organization and training plan).
  • Evaluation of training, trainees and the training team (initial and final evaluation)


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