Course name “Olive Irrigation and Climate Change Workshop”

2 – 5 September 2019

Hania – Greece

Through the objectives of the olive irrigation project funded by the USAID in Jordan and the countries of the region, and according to the technical plan of the project, the project expert, based by the Center, participated in the implementation according to the organization of Dr. Pisars and Dr. Koboris from the Institute of Olive Tree, Subtropical Crops and Viticulture in Hania, Greece, a workshop during the period 2-5 September 2019, entitled Olive Irrigation and Climate Change, with the participation of Dr. Ghaleb Tuffaha and Dr. Sirin Naoum and Dr. Salam Ayoub from Jordan and a number of irrigation and olive experts from Greece. Among the workshop’s objectives were:

  • Presentation of the experiments implemented in the issue of irrigation and olive production in the participating countries.
  • Exchange of experiences in the field of irrigation and olives
  • Discussing the possibility of future cooperation between CARDNE and the Institute of Olive Tree and Subtropical Crops in the future.

The workshop included a number of specialized technical lectures:

  • Water and irrigation management of trees crops in Crete using modern technologies
  • Effective on-farm water management in light of climate change, the use of treated wastewater to irrigate olives and the lack of irrigation for olive groves as an optimal irrigation use for the Mediterranean region
  • Discussing the technique of spreading zebra water on the soil and its effect on the chemical and microbial properties of the soil.
  • Conducting the annual meeting of the USAID funded project of irrigation deficiency for olive groves using moisture sensors.


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