The Corona pandemic began its impact since the beginning of February and intensified in the months of March, April and May, reaching a total ban on all events in most countries, including Jordan.

This pandemic caused human and economic suffering and led to disturbances in the implementation of all aspects of life, including logistical, national, regional and international systems.

To coexist with these conditions, all countries and organizations worked to take precautionary measures, first to limit the spread of this pandemic and secondly to the partial continuation of activities that led to the development of defense laws that limit direct contact between humans and other measures.

Consequently, all the activities mentioned in the technical plan of the center, including training workshops at the national and regional levels, were greatly affected, as they stopped for the months March – May.

Given the need to continue the challenge to achieve the desired goals, there were means of remote communication and digital communication, and their transformation from a means of social communication to transforming it into a means to achieve the goals. We are talking here in terms of agricultural and rural development.

All organizations, including the center, have begun preparing platforms for communication through remote communication programs and asking member states to focus on the uses of information and communication technology in the field of agricultural extension, which ensures that information reaches farmers, and updates and gives these means importance through training on modern communication mechanisms.

the Center is ready to assist with partial funding for such training according to the decisions of the Board of Directors. The Center recommends that member states expand the use of technology in the fields of agriculture with a focus on agricultural extension and marketing, and expand the implementation and establishment of extension platforms on websites. Certainly this will be required to train and qualify extension workers. Agricultural farmers to use modern technology through training courses to build the capacity of workers in this field.

Each of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan have implemented two workshops entitled:

  1. The role of social media and information in achieving development goals.
  2. The use of information and communication technology remotely in agricultural extension.

The workshop literature is available on the social media pages


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